positive birth classes


what is


Hypnobirth is evidence-based tools and techniques including self-hypnosis and deep relaxation to help achieve a calm and positive birth



you’ll learn


Prepare for Birth

How To Write Birth Preferences

Positive Mindset

Practical Tools For Birth Partner

Signs Labour Is Starting

Birth Rights, Choices And Role Of Caregivers

Deep Relaxation Techniques

Pain Relief Options

Fear Release Techniques

Meditation And Self Hypnosis



Breathing Techniques

Stages Of Labour




Optimal Positioning For Birth

Cord Clamping

Placenta Delivery


Meeting Baby

Bonding With Baby


Skin To Skin


why i teach

I want you and your partner to feel confident as you prepare yourselves for this adventure.

I believe no matter what path your birth may take - with the right knowledge, tools and support you will be prepared for your best possible birth.


Dom was such a fabulous mentor, with her personable approach she was able to direct me in the right direction whilst giving me confidence to use the skills of Hyponobirthing to feel empowered during my daughters birth. Hyponobirthing was a life changing skill set for me, and I am so grateful that I was introduced to Dom at just the right time to assist in my preparation for giving birth.

After conducting the hyponobirthing course with Dom as my mentor my feelings of fear and anxiety around giving birth were replaced with calmness and excitement to meet my baby.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough for anyone who is preparing to give birth or if you are planning on being a birthing partner. It prepares you for whatever you may be faced with during and after birth.

— Grace M

I cannot reccomend Dom enough as a hypnobirthing practitioner! I was absolutely terrified of labour before working with Dom. She completely changed my perspective on the experience, made me feel empowered and taught me how different labour could be to what I allowed others to build up in my head through pregnancy. She was always there to listen to my concerns, free of judgment. It is easy to see how passionate Dom truly is in helping mamas have the most beautiful births. I can say that I'm sure I would have had a VERY different birthing experience if it wasn't for her expertise and support. Although my birth didn't go as planned (does it ever!?) as I was induced at nearly 42 weeks and had an emerg c-section, but using the tools she taught me I still had a beautiful, liberating birth which I was able to be totally present for. I used the affirmations, visualizations throughout labour and they were especially powerful on the surgery table. Even the hospital staff commented on my calmness! I felt such a deep connection to my partner throughout as he got so much out of the course as well, which allowed him to be the strongest 'anchor' for me. I am so grateful my daughter was able to enter this world in such a calm, loving energy because of you, Dom! Thank you!!

— Kate M