What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a way of creating a positive birth experience for you and your baby. Through hypnobirthing, we become informed about birth and the choices that we can make to design the birth that we want.

Fear of the unknown is replaced with empowerment from everything that we do know. By learning evidence-based tools and techniques to apply to both labor and birth, we can go into birth with confidence.

The ‘Hypno’ part of hypnobirthing does not mean that you will be hypnotised during birth, it simply refers to the relaxation techniques that we master during a hypnobirthing course during pregnancy.

What’s the idea behind hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing was created to help women have the birth that they want, without the fear of what’s about to happen - it puts you in the driver's seat. Too often, birth is portrayed and spoken about in a negative light. Hypnobirthing opens the door to understand all that there is to know about birth, and welcome it as something beautiful instead of something to be afraid of.

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

As well as a huge amount of valuable knowledge, hypnobirthing has many other benefits:

  • It gives you confidence from day one of bringing your baby into the world.
  • Your baby has a relaxed start to life - a positive birth is a positive baby!
  • It explores the whole birthing experience to help you move away from anxiety.
  • You’ll be in a state to calmly and confidently meet your baby.
  • You feel in control of your birth, rather than fearing it and letting it control you.

What can I expect in a course?

During the Hypnobubs course, you can expect a comprehensive explanation about the process of birth and all of the possible outcomes. This knowledge aims to empower you to be able to make decisions and remain calm during labor through teaching you that birth is not to be feared.

You’ll learn meditations that you can use during labor and birth, as well as lots of different techniques to help you and your partner create a calm and relaxed experience. Hypnobubs also includes breathing techniques that are incredible for keeping you calm throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and all the way into motherhood!

Hypnobirthing teaches you important relaxation skills that can be transferred too many aspects of your life.

Is hypnobirthing for me?

Yes, hypnobirthing is for everyone! Anyone can do it, no matter your preferences for birth - we will equip you with everything you need to calmly meet whatever turn your birth may take.

Hypnobirthing will also be great for your partner - it’s about building a positive birth experience for everyone!

Hypnobirthing is the gateway to a positive birth experience. We give you everything that you need to stay relaxed, in charge, and able to look back on your birth in a positive way.